Jaz Studios


Joe Jasinski always had a certain zeal for technology.  During his college years at IWU, in between doing his Computer Science homework, you might have found him compiling a Linux kernel, collecting exotic computer architectures, hacking away at Perl and Bash, or haunting the local Linux user group.  He spent a few years in corporate IT learning about big data information systems, Oracle, Cisco networks, and other enterprisey technologies.  Because he couldn't get enough of school, he went back for a MS in Computer Science. 


All the while, dabbling in web technologies, he started to get more and more excited about what was happening in that space.  Then in 2008, he happened upon Django and immediately found it interesting and different from anything he had worked with in the past.  Soon after, he found a Django job at Imaginary Landscape, and has been a Djangonaut ever since. 


Now, on a typical day, you might find him hacking away on a Django app, building out a server via Salt, playing with maps via GeoDjango, implementing a REST api, tweaking an Nginx config, experimenting with Docker, deploying code changes via Fabric, writing unit tests, architecting a Postgres database schema, implementing caching via Redis, or helping people decide how to build their web application. He leads a very talented team of individuals who are just as excited about web technology as him

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