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This is a list of selected programming projects that I have worked on in the past few years. 

2011 - This is a social bookmarking application that I wrote for my computer science document management class. It's a Django application utilizing Postgres, Redis, Twisted, lxml, and Amazon EC2. This implementation is designed to communicate with other nodes on the network designed by other students. Additionally, this project gave me practice working with XML, parsing using XPath, XML validation (using RelaxNG), and XSLT.
2011 - in progress - This tool is intended to be a Python Fabric script used to quickly create a fully functioning Django environment. It will configure Django and Nginx in a virtualenv and create files and directories based on a jinja2 template.
2009 - This is the source code for the Event Scheduler web application mentioned on the Websites page. It's a fully functioning Django app that allows organizations to schedule events and manage members. It is a complete Django redesign of the APO Scheduler PHP app mentioned below.
2008 - These are some VERY simple scripts used for me to send emails via a command line. Specifically, they send mail to my mailserver when my power goes out.
2008 - These are some very basic scripts to schedule File backups. Use at your own risk, but view the included README for details.
2008 - These are some very basic scripts to schedule MySQL database backups. Use at your own risk, but view the included README for details.
2005 - This program was designed for my Robotics class final project. It is a complete dual layer neural network. I designed it so it can be compiled with any number of inputs, first layer neurons, and second layer / output neurons. Currently it solves the classification problem to classify whether or not a random point falls within a circle or outside of a circle. It also includes functionality to classify the XOR function and a hyperbola.
2004 - This project was designed to automate the process of signing up for service projects and events for the service fraternity Alpha Phi Omega. The project was written in Perl. For the most part, this project is complete and requires only a bit of Javascript debugging. I used a MySQL backend to store the users and events.
2004 - This program is a C++ program that I designed for my Operating Systems class. It is a limited UNIX command shell modeled after the Bash shell. Thus, my new shell is called JASH. I have verified that this program compiles on a Linux and OSX system. The header files may need slight alterations before they will compile in Solaris.
2004 - This is a simply Perl proxy server that I designed for my networking class. I like this program because it is less than a half page long. It is very simple, but works.
2003 - This project was initially designed for my work at IT. Due to advances in technology at our school, the project became obsolete. However, co-creator Pat Riehecky and I continued to add to the project and posted it on Sourcforge under a GPL. This project sets up a web interface for users of a UNIX system to remotely log into and accomplish simple administrative tasks. These tasks include resetting their account, clearing their mail queue, setting up a vacation message or forwarding address, and changing their password. The project is written in Perl.
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