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I take interest in digital video editing. Mainly in High School, I competed various films for class and recreation. Below will be a sampling of those videos. Below are some low-resolution video samples of some of the movies.  More recently, I've included some videos of speeches that I've given. 


Have you ever wanted to search the contents of uploaded PDFs, Docs, and other document formats on your website? Django Haystack (with the Elasticsearch search backend) is a great way to add search to your site, but it does not support full document indexing out of the box. I'd like to share a solution that I cobbled together to allow this combination of tools the ability to search document contents.


Have you gone through the comprehensive GeoDjango docs, but wondered where to go next? Are you curious about how you can combine the power GeoDjango with other community-built tools? Do you want to create pretty maps in Python? If so, you are in the right place. Learn about GeoDjango and Geographic Information Systems and navigate beyond the docs into the exciting GIS technology landscape.


This talk will introduce modules and technologies that can be used in conjunction with GeoDjango and hopefully encourage new and creative uses of mapping. It will demonstrate some real-word examples of how I've used GeoDjango to help me solve some curiosities that I had had about my home city of Chicago.

Topics will include: - Common geospatial terminology - Modules to render maps in Python - Tools to interactively view and manipulate geospatial data - Ways to style geospatial data - Map tiling - Examples of these technologies in use.

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At DjangoCon 2012, I gave a talk about comparing and contrasting Payment options for use in one's Django project. http://2012.djangocon.us/schedule/presentations/60/ "When developing eCommerce applications in Django, you will often be faced with the choice of which payment API to use. It's not always clear which services are available, which will fit your needs, and how to get started with them. This talk aims to evaluate these payment options from a Django programmer's perspective and provide you with background that may help you choose a payment processor that fits your needs."

COMMING SOON! This will be a training video covering various aspects of comptuers. Free downloads will be offered, but I will be selling DVDs for a reasonable price. Hopefully, I will produce a video that people will be interested in. Below is a sample of the intro sequence.
This is a clip that I created for my high school's 2001 video yearbook previewing my school's rendition of 'Oklahoma'. I filmed and edited every bit of this footage. I like this footage because it is a good sample of a highlight video.
Throughout my childhood, my friend and I would make Star Trek videos. Many of them would be quite elaborate, involving many sets, props, costumes, and special effects. This particular scene takes place as my friend and I (Worf and Picard) attempt to traverse through an airlock between the Borg ship and the Enterprise. This scene is notable because it involved our most coordinated effort of camera angles, storyboarding, and editing. Years later, the footage was well-planned enough that I could use my digital video editing system to add special effects and quality cuts between angles.
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