Jaz Studios


This is a selected list of personal websites that I have designed in last few years. I realize that some are better than others, but all of them helped teach me important aspects of design and web programming. Most are written in Python and Django.

2012 - Jazstudios.com currently hosts this site. It is a Django-based site that leverages Django CMS, Django Photologue, Django-Recaptcha, and a variety of other Django modules.
2011 - For a graduate Computer Science class SE560, I wrote a Django-based peer-to-peer application that is hosted on Amazon and designed to interact with other class member's peer-to-peer apps. Using this tool, I learned more about XSLT, XML validation and other document-centric operations preformed by the lxml python package. Source code located on Github.
2011 - As part of the Apps for Metro Chicago competition, I created a GeoDjango-backed webservice that helps users locate various locations around where they click on the map or near CTA transit stops. This application pulls and parses data from community data sources to populate a local database. Source Code located on Github
2010 - vamobilize (text.vamoa.com) is a Vamoa service that allows 'third parties' (such as artists, musicians, promoters, etc.) to create a web-based widget that they may post on their website. Using this widget, visitors to the website can subscribe to a text message (SMS) mailing list. The third party could send out a text message to all of their subscribers informing them of events or news. I did most of the coding for this site. See an example of a widget in use.
2009 - This is a site I designed for the Dana Hotel in Jordan as Pro Bono work for one of the local communities. It is still under construction (waiting for them to send the site info as time permits) but supports translations into other languages. For now, it is a design example.
2009 - Evesch.com is an Event Scheduler site that provides organizations a way to manage sign-up sheets and hour tracking online. Users can create their own Organizations and events, register for events and view reports. This site is still in Alpha. To test it out, log in with the username "demo" and the password "demo". Source code available at Github.
2005 - This site was my graphic design final exam. I designed it as an advertisement for Tommy's Restaurant. Tommy's is a newly created on-campus restaurant that acts as an alternative for IWU students to eating at the cafeteria. I took all of the photos that appear on this site, designed the titan logo, and even generated a QuickTime VR video.
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